Thursday, July 25, 2013

Nothing to do. Nothing to see. Nothing to say.

There is absolutely nothing going on in our lives.

We haven't heard back from the job interview.

We aren't pregnant.

We aren't doing anything fun or exotic or exciting.

We are being good. (meaning I am being good.)

I am on my period - big surprise.

I will be 30 in 33 days and I feel like a rutting rutting rutter. lol.

If I could do anything for my birthday I'd go back to that BDSM club and feel alive again. But as my leaning lean more towards the DD/HOH kinda thing and my "hoh" can't go to a club in good conscience and (oh so surprisingly) he won't let me go alone... I'll probably go to dinner and a movie like every other year. We are going to the beach with my family soon after. We wanted to to go to DragonCon, but with no money (because of not getting that new job in time) I think that's not gonna happen. I am asking for a Nook HD+, but I don't know if we can find 150 bucks. *sigh* I know I am having a pity party. There is a lot of joy and goodness in life. But I just don't see it today. Today I feel old and worn out. :-p

 - That would at least be something I've never done

 - haha I see what you did there...

Im so boring I can't even find pictures to express myself today ;-)

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