Tuesday, September 10, 2013


We are on our annual Outer Banks, NC trip this week and it feels amazing. I have been reading lots and just enjoying life again. :)

I read the last 3 books in the Laylah Roberts old-fashioned series, and also her Unforgettable story. I think it's her's at least. :) I now have a massive urge to do many kinky things with My Man, but sadly all of the things I can think of require him initiating and he didn't read the same books I did. :-p :-)

Do you ever sit and wonder if you are really submissive? I read these books and I get so turned on and in my mind I think and feel the same way these ladies do. But in real life so often A: I hate pain. period. I sometimes get turned on, but more often I am just angered by it or I shut down. and B: The bossiness/domminess ends up just pissing me off. Like sometimes it makes me feel so loved and so cherished. But then much of the time it just makes me so angry and need to lash out.

I wish I was more predictable. I wish I was a better lover. I also wish I was prettier and skinnier. So many of the heroines are carried by the hero and that just doesn't work with us because I weigh more than he does. Stupid, Young Lady. :-p

I turned 30 last week and we had a grand time at the Renaissance Festival! I only have a couple of pics -


  1. Nice pics and happy birthday :) I never sit and wonder if Im really submissive... but any time I mention it to someone, they tell me I'm not and I'm nuts for saying it. Very annoying ;)and btw you're very pretty, I was just thinking what nice skin you have, so stop being down on yourself! and almost every woman wants to be thinner ,no matter how think you get! You have curves, enjoy them!

    1. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. And for saying nice things about me - lol. What a sweet thing to say. *blush* Thank you!! :D