Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Worship in the midst of Orgasm ;-)

So, as a Christian  my entire life is supposed to be worship, right? I've heard songs and sermons as long as I've been alive "Worship is more than just a song", "Worship is our whole life" "I will worship You in spirit and truth", etc.

And yet... the few times I have shared with other Christians that I often yell out or whisper "Thank you Jesus" when I orgasm I get weird looks and "YL, noooo" It's as if we are told that sex within marriage is a gift from God, and don't be ashamed, and "Marital sex glorifies God", but somehow praising Him in the midst of an orgasm is sacrilegious. Well, too bad. *smile*

I have been having the HARDEST Time orgasming lately, and I ONLY orgasm from a vibrator on my clit, and the last couple months it's been hit or miss and the last 16 days have been like.... 3 orgasms on cycle days 8 and then 1 on cycle day 10, and then NOTHING. I literally spent 6 hours in bed on an off reading, writing, watching spankingtube... just trying to get an O and it would build and then NOTHING.

So tonight when I had a smaller one and then we had sex and then I felt like maybe there was a better on in there and My Man went to shower and I started buzzing and singing worship songs, just praising God for my sex life and... I had a fairly big orgasm and had tears coming out of my eyes as I just said " Thank you so so much for this gift Lord, THank you. Thank you thank you thank you"

And I think He is glorified through my gratefulness for my orgasm. ;-)

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  1. Hey I saw where you said you had a copy of Christina's last post. I lurked on her blog for a long time. Some things she said I was suspicious of but I didn't give it much more thought. I've gone through something like what she did to others. If you could email me at nicolenc82@gmail.com. Thanks