Saturday, December 14, 2013


My Man had 2 days off in a row this past weekend and it was AMAZING!!! It's fascinating to me how neither of us having to go to work on the same day makes life SO much sweeter and easier and simpler. :) We were able to enjoy each other without interruptions or obligations. And I don't even mean sexually - although we did do that. ;-) I just mean spending time together. We watched anime, ate yummy food, and just snuggled... all day. It was amazing.

And we havent had sex since. And I start to think "Oh no we are broken! We hate each other! We never make it work" and then I remember that when he doesn't have to go to work we DO love each other. ;-)

We are house sitting for almost 2 weeks around Christmas and I am really hoping My Man has some time off of work, so we can just enjoy each other again. *smile*

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