Sunday, October 12, 2014


I watched my wedding DVD with some kinkster friends yesterday and was amazed, convicted, surprised at the vows I made that day. I remembered I had been exuberant and enthusiastic. I remembered that I had talked about babies a lot. I remembered that I was head over heels in love. I had forgotten the words I used. "You will be the head of our home", "I will not usurp you", "you will come second only to God in my affections and my life", "I will never compare you to another" "I will defer to you" It would be easy to just say "Well, I was young and naive and I didnt know...", but I think those longings of my heart were good ones. The desire and intention to lift my husband up, to encourage him, to be his helpmate, to strengthen and encourage him, to consider his needs and desires above my own. Our pastor asked us not to put obey in the vows, but we stood firm. and looking back I think we stood firm because we knew it was what we wanted. it was the model we were striving for. It did my heart good to listen to that bouncy vibrant head over heels girl express her love and convictions. I wanna be more like her. :)

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