Sunday, November 17, 2013

Scary Stuff

To My Man

"Based on our recent conversations, and because I think it has turned into a fear thing for me, I want to have a trial "recollared" period. I would like, if you are willing, to be pretty serious for 2 weeks. I want you to show me what you think being in a Ds relationship would/should look like in the "most extreme" for us. I don't want you to walk on eggshells around me. I want you to lead, guide, direct how things go. And I will follow.
I know that I have withdrawn my trust and faith in you as a husband and Dom, so I'd like to try to give it back, try to put the reins in your hands, and see what it really looks like. My temptation is to want you to not really do much of anything and ease me back in so that I just comfortable and safe. But, I feel like I need you to show me what you really mean when you say you want this lifestyle. In my fear this means you are mean and harsh and selfish and all that other stuff, but I really do believe that your heart for me is love. That you don't desire this relationship so that you can be king and have a slave that waits on you and accepts your abuse. So instead of giving you a lot of qualifiers I am just going to say for the next 2 weeks it's in your court. Prove me wrong. ;-) With no qualifiers or limits because I want to REALLY trust you, and I can't trust you if I am calling all the shots.
I love you."

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