Friday, May 10, 2013

Things are slow, but steady on the homefront...

We haven't done anything even a little kinky in weeks, heck we haven't even had sex in over a week. :-p Maybe 2 weeks actually?

I was on my period and than this week he is working 12 hour days and we have to be up before 6am (which is like 6 hours earlier than when he normally gets up, so it's been REALLY hard), although I'll admit even when we are regular much of the time it's like this  -

Even without sex or any sort of discipline I feel like we are doing well. We snuggle a lot, we have had some tensions and shortness because of tiredness, but I feel like we have both done a good job of guarding out words and thinking about the other person's needs.

It's funny how I can feel like I am not growing or changing at all, I am stopping myself from being disrespectful or apologizing a lot... and I can feel down only to realize that the fact that I am aware enough to stop or to apologize means I am having success and growth. :)

Other than a baby the 3 things I want most in the world right now are -

Umm... I just needed the beach with My Man, but hey that could be fun too ;)

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