Thursday, May 30, 2013


Hey Guys!!

So, sorry it's been almost 2 weeks since I wrote, commented, was around pretty much at all!! :-p

We've had some crazy times *nothing serious just normal busyness* and as with some other bloggers - when  I am not getting "disciplined" I can feel like there is nothing to say. :)

For our anniversary Wed, but were celebrating Thur, My Man specifically asked me to buy some "fuck me pumps" (thank you Kristen Ashley for the phrase ;)) and I asked if I could spend 20 bucks on a dress to go with them. He said yes!!! He rarely says no when I ask permission to spend money, so you'd think I'd ASK more and suffer the consequences later less. :-p :)

I did hot curlers and lots of hair spray in my hair, then we went to a midnight showing of Iron Man 3 and his favorite burger place and CHIPOTLE!!!

My Man had to go on a business trip somewhere a couple hours away, and I needed to come back early and then go back and get him. SO HE LET ME BUY A GPS!!!!!!! He gave me a set amount to spend and when I realized there was only one GPS at that price and it looked like a piece of crap I tried several times to call him to ask if I could buy the one 30 bucks more, but did not have cell service. So I purchased the pricier one and saved all of the receipts and plastic and stuff, so he could take it back if he thought we needed to. HE LET ME KEEP IT!!! And I felt very responsible, like I was a grown woman who was making a decision for myself, but at the same time respecting my husband and trying to honor his requests and... I just felt like it was a good situation. :)

First,  Friday night we went to visit his grandparents in Richmond for one night (His grandfather was very sick in the hospital), and I got to meet his amazing Aunt. THEN, Saturday night he had to go on his business trip, so I rode along and got to chill in the hotel room Sunday!! I watched the entire 4th season of Gossip Girl! ;-) ALSO, we finally got to test out the "fuck me pumps" and I am pleased to say for the first time ever we had sex standing up and it was AMAZING!!!!! I say standing up and first time - I was leaned over a desk he was standing up and now that I think of it we DID manage this on a countertop on our honey moon in a bathroom at a religious conference. ;-) But, it was really awkward them and a really high counter we have not found since. so, it was amazing. (and I am really wordy and awkward there, but I am going to leave it because it's how I talk ;-))

He took me to a fun restaurant and we just enjoyed being together. Then, Monday morning I drove home, picked up the girls I nanny, and cleaned a teeny bit at home. I was supposed to watch them Tue and then drive out to Cambridge, MD again, but their dad texted at noon and said that he was getting off of work early, so he was gonna get them, so I drove BACK to Cambridge (I was very pleased with myself for driving so far and long and fast all alone!!! I decided if I ever get pulled over for speeding I'll tell the cop "My husband will spank me if I get a ticket!! Please just give me a warning!" What I don't plan to tell the cop is I bet getting pulled over for speeding - when I am know I am speeding - might trigger that anyways. Although, he has told me the acceptable "overage" and I tend to stay about there :)) and stayed in the hotel more, then he drove us both back the next day.

In fertility news - I am now taking 3 metformin pills a day, and the last 2 cycles were very "normal" like, they were 31 days and I have obvious ovulation sighs and then 13 days later had a period. So, I feel like there might be hope? We'll see. At this point we are waiting for his job situation to improve - IE more money - and then we will move on to actual fertility meds!!! :)

I think that's all right now... oh except that I had my siblings here from Fri - Tue and since then have been increasingly cheeky, so my guess is at some point soon I'll have a "cherry red post(eior)" up here! :) ;-)


  1. I was curious where you had disappeared to. Congrats on the meds seeming to work :)


    1. Thanks! I hope it is :) Thanks for commenting!!