Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Today's Money Funny...

The Scene: At the mall with my 2 "charges" 10 and 6 years old. One of those "vendors" pulls me aside and begs me to let him use his straightener on my hair. I keep trying to tell him I've had it done before, but he begs, and I REALLY enjoy it, so I let him. He does his little spiel and then tells me it's "only 89.99", "Super special just today." Now, I AM wanting to buy one soon, mine broke and I Really miss it. But I am like "I can't. I Really can't," and he says why.

So, I smile at the girls and ask them "Why?"

6 year old: She's not allowed to spend money.

Man incredulously: Whaaaaaat?

6 YO: She has a boss. He lives in her house.

Man: A boss??

6 YO: Yup. He's her HUSBAND! He thinks it's HIS house and HIS money. And when she spends it without asking...whew... BIG trouble...

Man: *eyes really big* For real?

6 YO: Mmmhmm... I think he is gonna kick her out of the house soon.

Me jumping in: No no, he will never kick me out honey. Kick my butt maybe, but never kick me out.

Man: Well, CALL him... ask permission.

Me: I already did and he said no. But, I'm saving up!! Really! I'm going to!

6 YO: My Mom and Dad have money, buut... my mom would never let my dad say it's all his money.

Man says something to Co-worker in his language, then looks at me: Well, I believe you and don't want you in trouble. Have a great day.

I have to say it's the LEAST badgering I've ever gotten from a clerk before. I should be brutally honest with everyone. ;-)


  1. Too funny! Hope you can get one soon. I love straightening my hair!

  2. You didn't buy it! Good for you. :)