Thursday, June 6, 2013

Anonymously Yours...

Good Morning!!

So, My Man has been asking me for like a week to disable anonymous comments on here, since we never get real people and that stupid "bot" keeps spoiling my beautiful posts. ;-) So, I did! I wanted to set it so folks could enter a name and reply, but there was not an option for that. If anyone knows a better way I could have done this, except for making it so only registered folks can reply - I'd love to hear about it. ;-)

Other than that the only news I have is not directly related to DD

1. I found out I am unemployed in 2 weeks for at least a month, probably for good. I am trying desperately to figure out a way to not have to get another job, but I really am afraid I'll have to go back to the dreaded retail or deal with stupid parents again. **sigh**

2. My Man found out that raise we've been waiting on for almost a year...isn't gonna happen. So he is going to start applying at jobs near and far... and most of them are far. **sigh** I want to move, but I don't want to leave my sister/best friend. :-p

T-t-t-t-t-that's all folks!

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  1. Hi Polly,

    Instead of disallowing anonymous comments, you could moderate all comments, and that way, no spam comments would slip through the spam filters and get published. When you see spam comments, mark them as spam to send them to the Spam folder. Then delete them from there. This will train the spam filters to recognize spam.

    Sorry to hear about your financial difficulties. It isn't easy in today's economy.