Friday, April 4, 2014

Still Going Strong.

Well, it's been about a month since my last post and... nothing has changed and that's good!! :-)

I used to need to rush over here and record every spanking, now it's such a common occurence I don't even think of it as noteworthy most of the time. ;-)

He belted me in a movie theater bathroom last night for "Roleplaying/Texting and Driving" and it was noteworthy only in that he goes so HARD now and yet I am overall able to submit and receive. And there is something HOT (in more ways than one) about sitting in a movie theater butt throbbing because I am a loved spanked wife. :-)

News here..... umm.... hey, I found out that I am essentially 4 classes away from an associates degree in general studies, so he is going to help me work hard to place into those 4 classes. Because of my cray cray childhood I never did any math really past 8th grade, so he is going to help me set a schedule for myself and get through high school math in the next 8 months. :) 

Still no babies and that is a daily pain in my heart. But, the longer we go without babies the more I love My Man for being my husband and not just because he could potentially give me children. So, it looks like God is working even in the midst of the deepest pain. Once MyMan gets a good raise he says we can start fertility meds. It feels like we have been saying that for almost 5 years though.

5 years... we are a little over a month from our 5th anniversary of marriage. Wow. This man has made my life SO much better and richer and more beautiful. Seriously the best, and at times hardest, 5 years of my life.

Also I am less than a month from my 6 year anniversary of not cutting. (well i DID cut once about 3 years ago, but as far as the end of my habitual cutting... My Man has literally saved my life over and over and I am so grateful to him and God for saving me.)

Still roleplaying ALL. THE. TIME. And I love it so.... lol!! Well, not for the next 4.5 hours because I am "half day grounded" from it today for that whole "roleplaying while driving" of yesterday. I feel like I have written more about my phone and driving trangressions than almost any on here except maybe disrespect. :-p

Hope everyone is well!! Fondles!! Wilma!! Christina!! Rogue!! I miss you all soo....

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