Friday, June 29, 2012

Chores chores go away...

this young lady wants to play!! Please feel free to stay at bay, chores chores go away! ;-)

Actually, I feel very proud of myself I completed the chores assigned to me yesterday, and because my dear sister and nephews are coming over today I did today's before 8am!! I'm a good little girl!! (as evidenced by my amazing "erotic spanking" last night followed by good sex and a decent "buzz" :-D)

My Man has been VERY busy planning and plotting... tomorrow "all day" we are doing an experiment and "playing" - we'll see how it turns out! The closer we get the less nervous I get and the more excited. :-D

I am going to try to start a series soon on my "life's story". I think there is a lot that goes into why I love to be spanked (sometimes... in some ways... ;-)) and why I feel the need to take boundaries and run with them.

BTW, taking pics down because My Man doesn't feel comfortable with his face on here. He says if I want mine on here it's ok, but just to be safe I'm going to go ahead and take them down. I may return at a future date :)


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