Wednesday, June 27, 2012

He Woke Up :)

So, I went and snuggled My Man at 10am - he told me yesterday that his preference is that I come in and snuggle with him to wake him up rather than letting him sleep in more. (he is working the night shift right now)

We had sex, but it was very vanilla and not very...satisfying.

Afterwards we came down and I started reading blogs and he started watching a movie.

After awhile I broke down and told him I feel unsatisfied and like he has given up. He told me he pretty much has because he never knows what my response is going to be.

So, we talked more and he gave me some input on how to let him know what I am feeling. He also gave me homework for the day to write out some fantasies and hard&soft limits... I wish he were a mind reader - I want him to just DOMINATE me and not give in no matter how hard i plead (unless I safe word :))

Even the different colored collars idea I don't like because it's still me calling the shots. So he told me I'll just wear black for now. (which means I do whatever he says :))

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  1. This takes a lot of communication doesn't it? When we first started, I just got so tired of talking about it, but now I am glad we did.