Sunday, September 9, 2012

I DID IT!! :-)

So, recently I asked My Man how he would like it if I met him at the door after work buck naked with a paddle in my mouth kneeling waiting to be fucked and spanked. He said he would like this very much. ;-)

I have been wary to try it, partially because I never know if he is going to be "in the mood" (although he has assured me if he is NOT in the mood, he will quickly BE in the mood upon arriving home to that scene.) the primary reason I had not yet tried it is because we live in a 2 bedroom apartment with my 20 year old brother. He already puts up with a lot, I didn't want him to accidentally see his sister in the nude. I didn't think it would bless him.

So, I did a few things - One was I made an error in judgement today when it comes to money - I know y'all are shocked as that seems to be my primary transgression if you just go by this blog. THANKFULLY though this one was not as blatant as some. I had money from my birthday to buy a cell phone, I had My Man's permission and blessing to use this money to buy a cell phone. But, through things that were not totally my fault* I ended up buying 2 cell phones on ebay instead of 1. Spending $300 instead of $150. And.. probably also a good thing, I was mortified about it. I literally had tears in my eyes and tried and tried to call My Man to confess what had happened. I wasn't scared of punishment - even if he had punished me for it I knew he wouldn't hurt me out of anger. But, I was so sad and scared that I had disappointed him or caused him stress or worry. After I explained what had happened he freely gave his forgiveness and said it would be okay, he needs a new cell phone anyways, so there is a good chance he can use the "extra" phone. He did have some mild corrections for how I could have handled the situation differently, but he was not upset with me and there was no punishment coming my way...unless I wanted it. Well... I was feeling so pent up and worked up that I said I did. I told him if he could please "spank me fiercely" it would help me feel better and released about the whole situation. Two, I asked him to call me when he was leaving work and then I called him and found out when he was pulling into our apartment complex. I put a big quilt on the floor, so if Brother came out of his room I could quickly cover up. I took all of my clothes off, knelt the way My Man prefers (I have a hard time kneeling the way he finds most submissive and usually he compromises, but I really wanted to be at my most submissive for him), and put a wooden spoon in my mouth. And waited...

He was very surprised, but very pleased. He gave me a very nice spanking (it definitely was pleasurable instead of punishing, but I didn't mind when all was said and done ;)) and then we had a lovely fuck. *grin*

I love My Man.

*I purchased them on Ebay. I found a phone I liked and was bidding on it. when it became more than I wanted to pay I stopped bidding. Everytime you are "outbid" a notice is emailed saying "Oh too bad, you've been outbid, but if the other person backs out you get the product!" Well, I have never had anyone back out AND there was less than 2 hours 'til the end of the auction and Ebay won't LET you back out that close to the end, Sooo... I bid on an iPhone and WON! It was $30 over my budget, but I am also getting an allowance now, so I knew My Man would be okay with it. (he very mildy rebuffed me for that, but it was more of a "teasing" reminder not a serious "You broke the rules") Well, 5 minutes after I paid for my iPhone I got a notice tell me that the other person had backed out and the product was going to be mine in 2 minutes! I wrote the seller explaining and she responded that she will not sell to people who don't have any feedback, so she had denied his bid and per Ebays rules it retracted back to my last bid, I had won, and I had to pay her. I think in this whole thing the only "bad" thing I did was that I didn't wait for My Man to come home and help me sort out what to do before I paid her. I just did some research and felt I didn't really have a case and didn't want to get bad feedback myself. Ugh. It was stressful. My Man says if it ever happens again I need to wait until the auction is completely over before bidding on anything else just on the off chance this same scenario replays.

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