Wednesday, September 5, 2012


So, My Man and I have talked about butt plugs for a long time. We bought a 3 pack months ago (small medium and large?) and tried the small one, but it fell out when i stood up.

Since then we haven't really tried any anal play.

Yesterday, I was feeling "the brat" I just couldn't get a handle on myself, I think it part partially 'cause I am on like day 4 of my period and it always makes me feel antsy. He spanked me several times and then decided to try the medium sized butt plug. O.M.G. I was "fine" as he was loosening me up, using his fingers, putting the thinner part of the plug in and out, but when he PLUNGED it in (past my very painful hemorrhoid I might add ;-)) I screamed. Literally outloud SCREAMED! I didn't even realize it was me at first. :-p Then I started laughing, and he started laughing, so hard I had tears rolling down my face. He wouldn't believe me it hurt because I was laughing so hard. :-p :-) Once we finished out joviality he told me to try walking with it. I waddled a little, but mostly did okay. He kept barely tapping my butt 'cause everytime I would squeal.

Ok, let me back it up just a second here - BEFORE he put it in, as he was "loosening me up" I said these 4 words "I Have To Pee" He said I didn't really have to and continued going. Well, once the plug was in and I walked around a little I REALLY had to pee, so I sat down to pee... I thought "I'll just be careful the pee will come out the plug will not" The plug fell out...along with something that was NOT pee. *laugh* I spent a long time washing it with soap in very hot water. :-p

I would like to never try a buttplug again, but I get the feeling "My Man" will have different plans than I do. :-p


  1. I would recommend a piece of cord to hold the plug in place if you want to walk with it. The plug will be much more comfortable for you if it is held firmly in place. It will be comfortable with practice. Your man will be proud that you have worked to make the plug comfortable for you to wear for him.

  2. Thank you Anon!! :) I actually have been craving that feeling again all day. Maybe I didn't hate it as much as I thought I did. :D

  3. I love this post because it is so full of reality, so I know you're not a phony just trying to get a lot of clicks from porn-seekers.

  4. haha - thanks!! :-p :-) I figure if it's too 'real' for people they won't read anymore. I want readers, but I also wanna portray my real life. ;-)

  5. Yeah, that can be a problem. Reality with my man is far from perfect. We're not actors in a movie putting on a show where every action ends in multiple orgasms and everything is scripted and directed and all of life's unpleasant realities edited out.

    So I don't have a lot of readers. But that's okay. I'd get no satisfaction out of writing a phony blog about how my man can give me multiple orgasms just by looking at me, and that there's no poo up my backside.

    I wish that were the case. But no such luck.

    1. I knew you had replied here somewhere!! I am sorry I did not accept your invite - I didn't get it 'til today :-p Hope you are well!!

  6. I did exactly the same yesterday. Only the plug fell out though.