Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Shameless Advertisement

So, I promise this is gonna be rare, but I got this REALLY good deal and I want to share it with the world!! :)

There is this website called OpenSky, and right now if you sign up you get $25 bucks AND free shipping on their website, and if you sign up and use your bucks through my code *I* get an extra $25 on their website - woot!!! So far I have gotten 4 awesome mugs 

Basically this  - 

1 "whites/darks" Laundry Bin - 
And Closet Cubbies with 2 Drawers
I paid a grand total of.... $2 and that includes free shipping!!!

PLEASE SIGN UP!!! It's so much fun to get free stuff and when you get your stuff I get stuff and it's just a neverending cycle of goodness. PLUS - when I spend FREE money I don't get spanked. So my ass would thank you for signing up. (Shh... voice of reason, I don't need to hear that if I didn't spend money I wouldn't get spanked :-p ;-))

Oh my link - http://osky.co/RJhTuU

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