Friday, August 17, 2012

guilt gut + grace = goodness

we had a super long talk. i cried. i don't know why i am so careless with money.

he took my credit cards so i won't be tempted anymore.

i am grateful for such a loving man.


  1. Sometimes that's the best solution. Having to use cash instead of plastic really makes you think.

    I hope you'll be able to pay off the fine and use the library once more.


  2. Hi Hermione!! Thanks!! I started babysitting last week, so he has put on restriction at that library, so as long as we return everything on time and don't lose anything I think I can start building up trust. :)

    Letting go of my CC's has been harder than I have thought it would be, he gave me permission to use the "priceline" one to pay for this trip, and then I accidently stuck it in my wallet and then used it. Grr.... good for me though he said he was gonna spank me hard and then never got to it and 3 days passed and he said since he didnt follow through after 3 days he'd let me off. ;) I am sure I will err again and he will be able to "remind" me. :-p

  3. i meant probation, not restriction :)