Monday, July 2, 2012

Am I wrong?

Not from a DD or D/s or whatever stand point... just a human one. Just a husbands and wives who love each other stand I wrong??

Here's the situation -

My Man had today off unexpectedly and decided "we" should have a productive day. He asked me to fold a bunch of laundry - I told him that the laundry is all in a bin, we are not at home, so the laundry will be going back into the bin, and most of it is underwear, undershirts, and socks, so I said I would fold the main stuff and seperate the whites in the bin, so they are easy to get to. He kept insisting that he wants his whites folded... I told him that I would seperate it, but I am not going to fold underwear that needs to just go back into a bin...

Long story short I folded the "real" clothes, and rolled up the undershirts, balled up the socks, and put the underwear in the corner of the basket. He is "royally pissed" because he wants his whites folded - is it selfish and unreasonable for me to tell him that if he wants them done a certain way he can do them himself? I am not denying him - I am saying I will do it THIS way and if he wants it done THAT way he can do it?? He thinks this is selfish and mean and hurtful... I don't see it that way... I really don't.

Plus, there has been a million mixed signals about what we are and are not doing... like, are we doing this thing where he can spank me when he feels i am disobedient, direspectful, or defiant 24/7? I thought we were not, but then today that is what he falling into threatening me with spankings if I don't comply... well, I am ok with that if that is what we are agreeing to - I wanted that and still do to some point, but if he wants to do that we are doing THAT. Not him saying he is gonna spank me if I don't do what he wants just so he can get his way. This isn't an excuse for  him to be selfish or self-centered or get his way. It's not. And even if we are doing this 24/7 does that really mean he just gets what he wants 24/7?? That everytime I don't do what he wants he forces me??

Argh. this is me right now -


  1. hi there, new to your blog, a good read. sound like u and your huby, need to have a chat, honist heart to heart about how you each feel. xx

  2. Thanks guys!! We definitely are working through some stuff, but that day ended well! :)

  3. It sounds to me like maybe you guys just need to agree on how you want this to work for you?
    Imho, demands have to be realistic and consistent. And as a submissive, picking when to disagree and when not to can be really tricky. I have found that it's generally best to pick one's battles and keep objections limited to the things that really matter.

    I also think that the more discerning they are when it comes to their demands, the easier it is to adapt.
    Just my 2 cents!