Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I am not sure if the question is...

what are we doing WRONG or what are we doing RIGHT? :-p

So I had those four "juicy" bruises the day after... they just deepened and got worse and worse (and multiplied) until My Man didn't even wanna pat my thighs let alone spank them... this has made for some interesting times the last few days. *halo* I would definitely say I am more "brat" than "legit" these days. :)

I think I am an addict - if a day goes by and I haven't been spanked in it I feel empty and let down. :-p

I think we killed all of the nerves in my butt - it just doesnt feel a lot anymore. :-p

I wish I could do something amazing for My Man to let him know how grateful I am he is taking all of this one! Something that does not involved cleaning.

Oh, So, My Man finished the collaring book and I am reading it now. I dunno what I think yet.

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  1. dont worrie feeling will come back, but it cirtanly sounds like you are hardening up well.