Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our Saturday..."fun"?

First off let me say that My Man is amazingly patient, forbearing, loving, and kind. :-)

Secondly - our saturday was a bit unlike we had planned because the power went out at 10pm Friday night and has still not returned. (we are in the library's a/c, power, and internet :)) So, we ended up having to leave the house for most of the day to find food, power, and a/c, so all of My Man's planning and hardwork was a bit messed up. Instead he decided to just be super strict and consistent... and he was. Over and over and over and... being the incredibly strong willed person that I am (and because in the past he has ALWAYS given in to my pleads or given up on being stern when I didn't mend my ways after a spanking or two) I kept pushing it. Over and over and... well, y'all get the picture.

"highlights" of the day - We used (or rather HE used ;-)) a few new implements - a dowel rod which he carried with him throughout the day (he looked like all of the dads in our church from the 80's and 90's with the handle of the wooden spoon sticking out of their bag or pocket ;-)) and used "generously" including in a family restroom at the mall*. A flogger - which neither of us thought could hurt, just be stingy, but it ended up making my cry - like I have never cried from spanking, and it may have been because i cried BEFORE the spanking, so I always already worked up, but it HURT! and I think those were the only NEW ones.

*In the restroom I was scared people outside could hear us, so I pretty much ended up "Safewording" out of embarrassment rather than legitimate need. He told me later that if I ever do that again he just won't trust me anymore, and if he cannot trust me than he can't spank me or do anything like that. It was very sobering and I felt really bad. I am not going to misuse it again.

All day I was pushing it, so he told me that when we got back to the house he was going to "beat me worse than I have ever been beaten." (NOTE: He has stopped calling punishments spankings because he wants to differentiate, but I really don't like the phrase "beating") But as he tried to tie me up I flipped out and started screaming at him and basically saying if we didn't do it the way i wanted we were not doing it at all. (he was trying to tie me so I was leaning over a pool table, but it was really hurt my ankles and feet... he of course saw this and would have released me in just a minute, but my will took over and instead of a "minute" it ended up being a long drawn out fight/discussion. I NEED TO TRUST HIM!) After a long ordeal he ended up tying me up in doggy style and spanking me that way... first a flogger and then his belt. it was not even a little pleasant. Then that night right before bed I again took off my "collar" without permission and threw it at him multiple times. I don't know why I needed to see if he was really going to follow through... :-p

The irony of the whole day is that I have some bruises on my thigh which dont really hurt, some stripes from the dowel rod which don't really hurt, and then he gave me an erotic/pleasure spanking before bed and it was making me SO wet i kept screaming "more more more" and THAT caused some massive bruising on my butt and it hurts to sit down...everytime i sit down. SO WEIRD! *laugh* It might have been from everything else and I just didnt notice it 'til after the pleasure spanks... who knows. Oh, and I just remembered a bruise on my boob 'cause he pinched me. :-p :-)

Needless to say I woke up VERY VERY VERY submissive today, and I think I have been "super good" :-)

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