Friday, July 20, 2012

I'm a good girl I am!

So, chores haven't been so done this week... I am not sure if My Man gave up or forgot or decided to extend grace today, but he didn't say a word about chores before he went to work this morning. Something about him NOT reminding me motivated me to do the deep clean that had been scheduled for the kitchen today.

I am almost done, but I cannot find the darn broom anywhere. :-p

I do not know how two, or really one 'cause My Man rarely steps food in the kitchen, make such a massive mess. Everytime I bake meat, specifically chicken, it leaves a "crust" on my pyrexes that will not come off. (Even if I use foil or spray or anything) I think it's because I like my chicken VERY cooked. :) So, we had planned to toss these pyrexes (plus I have a REALLY bad habit of just putting foil in dirty pyrexes, so I can use it without washing it :)), they have been sitting literally for weeks maybe even months? Well, I used this scrubby thing I got out of the dollar bin at Shopper's and they are all clean again??? I mean there is some discoloration, but overall they are company worthy. So weird... maybe I will leave my dishes for months more often. **Halo**

I have about 2 hours before I need to leave to go pick My Man up from work... I might even vacuum before I go to get him. :)

I plan to type up "my story" over the next week, so if that is the sort of thing that interests you stay tuned! :) I also hope/plan to use more images :)

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  1. well done, hugs. could you come and help my with my kitchen soon lol