Saturday, July 7, 2012

Daaaaamn :)

So, Thur/Fri we went to a "Bondage 101" intro to BDSM kinda deal...the first night was just listening to this husband and wife explain some stuff about BDSM and about their particular group. Then, last night we went to a "BDSM Club". SO FUN!!! :)

They started with talking and then they opened up the floor with an "exploratorium". Basically they set up "stations" where people who are experts in particular things showed us how to use various pieces of equipment and "stuff".

They had stations for -

Single Tail Whip
Hot Wax

I was super nervous and shy, also not sure if I was okay with anyone else spanking/hitting me other than My Man, so we started with the Ropes station. A REALLY nice guy taught My Man how to do 2 different types of ties with me where my hands don't have to be behind my back. (It hurts a lot right now because I am so fat. :-p ) It actually was not bad at all and I actually enjoyed it. Best thing of the night is a girl he tied up who took 30 minutes to get out, but DID finally get out, so he took it as a challenge and retied her at the end of the night. She couldn't get out and had to ask for help! *laugh*

We went over and talked to the man running the spanking bench to ask about advice how not to bruise me, he was so helpful. Because I have only ever been spanked by My Man as an adult I didn't feel comfortable being spanked by the guy, so we moved on.

After that we tried sensations and it was a lady, so I let her put a nipple clamp on me. We learned that because my nipples are inverted we need to put the clamps further up on my boob. Again, very nice person - did not make me uncomfortable at all.

Then, I decided to try the single tail whip station - My Man encouraged me to do it, so I felt okay about it. The man was very professional seeming and told me if I wanted him to stop I just needed to move my hands up the ladder (I was holding onto a ladder type thing.) I lasted decent - it stung, but didn't HURT. :)

After that I was feeling braver and went over to the flogging station. The lady there spent a long time teaching My Man how to do it "right". I was super scared because watching other people it was so LOUD! But, she was very patient with me and I had a good time. It did hurt though. :-)

After being flogged, and because My Man was SO gracious and encouraging - he was learning SO MUCH! I went over the spanking bench and got spanked. It was pretty funny because after he did some swats I was practically yawning and he said he could tell I was used to this because most people would be squirming and I just looked bored. :) He got harder and harder and it got to a point where I was laughing SO HARD *laugh* I have never laughed during a spanking, but it felt SO GOOD! I think I am glad he stopped when he did though because I think I was getting turned on and I wanna save those feelings for My Man. :-p :-)

Then, we tried electricity - SO WEIRD!!! It was seriously like the weirdest experience EVER! We were going to try hot wax, but I lost interest. If we go to one again I definitely want to try the knives - it looks really weird. :)

After the exploratorium we talked to some of the experienced people for a bit and then just sat and watched people. Not in a pervy "we are standing RIGHT HERE" way, but just looking around the room taking it in. Because it was 101night people were not allowed to have intercourse/oral etc, but there was still a LOT of passion in that room! :) It was definitely one of my favorite experiences in my life, and I Really want to go back!

We are trying to figure out what we believe and what our convictions are... it's hard because it didnt FEEL wrong, but there were definitely buck naked or mostly naked people walking around and making out and doing super hot kinky stuff... We'll just have to see. :)


  1. Wow- I must say I'm a little jealous of your class- sounds like fun. We too are new at this whole TTWD business and have a lot of stuff in common. Enjoyed reading your blog!

    1. Thanks very much! So glad you stopped by. I see TTWD a lot, what does it mean?

      I'll check out your blog when I am more awake :-)

      Oh anni have no idea how to add widgets?

  2. I've added you to my blogroll- you may want to add a Follow me widget to make it easier for people to follow you.