Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It's been a long...several days

I have not blogged lately, mostly because I can't find the words to say. I don't know how to express myself and I feel like I might say something I regret. :-p

My Man is doing AMAZINGLY!! He is so strong and Godly and manly and I love him to pieces. He is my rock in the midst of all of the ickiness I feel.

I have a bad cold, on top of my period, on top of meeting with our pastor AND small group leader and his wife on sunday. the pastor talk was mostly good, actually it was encouraging. the small group leader talk... *sigh*... it was hard and long and I think I was  GETTING sick at that point because I was running a REALLY hot fever and was super dizzy. They are against pretty much everything we are into. They think it is sick and perverted and unhealthy and unnatural and... I mean, they said over and over that they love us, they both apologized for being harsh, they both reiterated over and over that they want to be friends and not have this be the focus of our friendship, but it's really hard. One of the brightest spots for me was listening to My Man defend our choices... I got all horny inside listening to him be all firm and manly. *grin*

We havent had a moment alone at home all week... I need a spanking something fierce. All of the angst and drama and stress is building up so bad I just want to be spanked and spanked. But... I can't handle it or get into it when our roommates can hear and tonight there are 2 extra people over, so I know when My Man gets home from work it won't happen. Although it should because I didn't finish my chores for the day. I don't feel good...at all... but I probably could have forced my way through. All I had to to do was take the laundry down to the laundry room (apartment building) wash and dry it all (2 heavy loads, dried 2x each) bring it back up, and fold & put it all away... I got it all clean and dry and back up here. Now it is in the living room, and I am in bed. :-p

Anyone in the blogosphere on fetlife?? It's very weird and I am trying to figure out if I wanna be there.


  1. hope you feel better soon. and really sorry to hear you cant be spanked, that must be really hard. what's fetlife?


    1. Hullo! :-)

      Thanks - today is better than yesterday. Still feel icky, but at least I feel LESS icky. :)

      My Man did what he could - more than I thought was okay with so many people in the next room, but hey there is a reason he is the boss and I am not. (So, when we get in "trouble" with our roomies I can put all of the blame on him ;-) *halo*) I pushed and pushed and pushed and... I actually got an email from him that essentially said "Young Lady, I should not have to learn from your blog that you did not complete your chores. I am bringing home my cane you and you will be spanked. Then, assuming you are not too bloody (*im on my period*) I am going to fuck you hard." We didn't get to the fucking. :) And his "cane" is a like 3 foot long dowel rod he found at work... I am not a fan, but not because it hurts, but because it seems to be awkward to use and is heavy, so it either doesn't hurt at all or feels like it's gonna bruise.

      fetlife is like facebook for kinky people. :) :-p

  2. ahh ok cool, fair enough about the cane.
    eeep about him finding out about things over the blog. Im a hater of the cane lol, and that is because it hurts lol
    hugs xxxx