Saturday, August 4, 2012


Sorry to disappear - there are several reasons. Not the least of which is I've been gone most days and when I am home My Man is usually here. :)

Secondarily is that my computer is a butt and it has a hard time remembering when I want to be anonymous and when I want to use my IRL account. :-p (I figured out how to have both account ups if I open "incognito", but then it won't save any passwords or anything on the one that is incognito. :-p)

So... my life over the past week or so...

1. Lots of job interviews. It's funny going to nanny interviews and wondering if the parents are kinky. My Man keeps teasing me that if I get a job and and am cleaning or something I am going to come across a "secret room". :-) I am just worried about what collar to wear that day, so they won't suspect. :-p I actually have worn a chain to both and I don't think anyone thought twice.

2. Lots of erotica. Oh. My. Goodness!! I think it is a blessing I was not introduced to this world before - or maybe it didn't exist as much before? E.L. James (50 Shades) started me down a deep dark path. Kristen Ashley (Knight, Rock Chick series), Sherri Hayes (Finding Anna Series (Slave and Need) (although Slave isn't so much erotica as it is sad and at the same time captivating... I think the sex will come later :)), Sylvia Day (Baring to You), and most recently Cherise Sinclair (Master of the Shadowlands series) Sweet Lord Jesus! :) I had my first orgasm in MONTHS last night!!! (after My Man gave me intense sex, spanking etc, and then patiently used our wonderful Hitachi Magic Wand :D), and we are still trying to figure out how we feel about this word porn. ;-) We found out some things though (won't surprise anyone here or really anyone who has known me more than 5 minutes) - I don't love erotica that doesn't have spanking... I can enjoy it - the Rock Chick girls is hot and fun, but I think it's mostly because they have strong alpha males, but it's not as "OMG THAT IS HOT" as spanking....and flogging and tying up and... I am hopeless. :D :D :D Anyone have any more reccomendations? After I finish the shadowlands series I am going to read The Reluctant Dom?

3. Lots of spankings - the good kind! I don't know if My Man is just getting better or what, but this week has been almost perfect. I have just needed some spanking/caning/whatever and I am burning hot (my bottom and my sex :D), no bruises, no marks the next day... maybe it's the erotica is making me sensitive. :D

That has been my life lately - how are you? :)

PS. I just remembered - we bought hot fudge last night - I am going to see how far I can get My Man with my mouth. :D I always end up gagging and if we push it I throw up. Everytime. (Not everytime I suck My Man's cock, but everytime we don't stop right when I start to feel "chokey.) And it's not usually the depth it's the taste- when I can taste his precum I gag and can't handle it. Bodily fluids are REALLY hard for me - like semen took me a VERY VERY VERY long time to not feel the need to shower the second he came.

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