Tuesday, March 19, 2013

F*** Me. :-p

(I messaged My Man before writing this, just so that I wasn't like trying to avoid telling him by putting it on my blog and hoping he wouldn't see it or something...)

Two of the things I have the most trouble with are losing stuff and spending unauthorized money.

I finally got a new driver's license and atm card on Sunday.

My Man told me Sunday if i I lose these he is cancelling our trip in August because he is sick of me losing stuff.

I can't find my license. :( :( :( I am REALLY hoping it is in the car. It's already fallen out of my pocket twice. (I havent had time to get a new wallet yet)

And then today I bought some "groupon type deals" online... I 100% wasn't trying to be bad, I honestly completely didn't even think of it until I realized I had spent like 27 dollar in the last 30 minutes.

I feel sick. Not because of what he might do or say, but just because I am such an idiot. I don't get why this is so hard for me. :(


  1. I used to have a problem with spending too much on Starbucks. Realizing at the end of the month how much I'd spent on coffee was a little shocking. So I got a Starbucks card, put X amount on it at the beginning of each month. When it was gone, it was gone--no exceptions. It sucked, but I learned.

    What about opening a secondary bank account with X amount in it each month. It's the only account you use or draw from. When it's gone, it's gone...no exceptions--online and offline. Ha, lose your bank card for it and you can't even do that. Sort of forced learning, ya know? If I remember right, it didn't take me long to get a handle on my caffeine addition. I bet you would too.

    What about using a pocketbook/purse YL? Gosh, I'd lose everything if I was keeping anything important in my pockets too.

    Do you have your home organized in such a way where everything at least sort of has it's place?

    Don't get too down about this stuff...it's just bad habits that can be changed.

    Hope some others will have some good ideas for you.

    1. I like Susie's idea. What about a prepaid Visa?

    2. our home is a huge disorganized mess.

      My life is a huge disorganized mess. :-p

      I DID have a wallet and I did fairly well for months with my wallet and then I lost the wallet :-p

    3. The pre paid card idea could have merit... we did have a second account, but could not maintain a high enough minimum and they kept charging us fees. It is a good idea, I am just not certain it would work because technically I don't have the money to spend in the first place. :-p :-)

      I just get so excited at "saving money" I forget that I am actually SPENDING money on stuff we don't NEED... (It was a 45 minute Cherry Blosson tour/cruise and tickets to a local attraction for kids :))

    4. Well sounds like you know what is going wrong and you even know why you shouldn't spend it.
      As to organizing, start small and get it done, start with like a dresser, and go from there, do something every day.
      Prepaid visas are great!
      And Susie, I bet you felt pretty bad once you added up all those Starbucks visits...

    5. Oh I did Julia and I think that's the hard part. We can get so down on ourselves over stuff like this and end up throwing our hands in the air, figuring we'll never get it right...and that just leads to not trying.

      YL, I love Julia's prepaid card. Even if it's only $25 or $50 a month for all those "discretionary" things, you'd think so much harder before spending it and it would almost be fun. Kinda like a challenge to see how far you could stretch it.

      Okay, back to work for this slacker. LOL.