Monday, March 18, 2013

Thanks and Randomness...

1st, Thank you to all of the sweet souls that replied on my last post. I am sorry I am not replying to each of you individually - I normally would, but I am not sure what to say other than thank you. I know that My Man really does love me and care about me, and he doesn't want to do things to hurt me or torment me, he is not even evil man... I guess we just need to keep working through what submission really looks like and means? :)

I think he might add his viewpoint in soon? I was falling asleep last night and in my haziness thought he said something about it? :-)

Second, I wanted to talk about our "date night" - we had been doing South Beach Diet phase 1 for 2 weeks and had made a deal with each other if we made it the two weeks we'd go get milkshakes and fries and all that badness. Funny thing is the milkshake and fries didn't really meet any cravings for me and they just made me feel a bit ill. But, then I ate a chipotle burrito with the tortilla and thought I'd died and gone to cravings heaven. ;-) I think because of all of our talks that morning and me feeling a bit uncertain of where we were in all of this I was testing and pushing all day? (Maybe to reassure myself that "staking my claim" in one area didn't mean I was taking back every area?) He did a great job of reading me and understanding what I was doing and being consistent and strong. :) I got another movie theater spanking. Seriously, I am starting to think it's my favorite part of going to the movies. ;-) We saw OZ and it was really good!! We had a great time! :)

Oh, another funny note, as we were having sex yesterday (at home, earlier in the day) someone from church called My Man's cell phone...AND HE KEPT GOING while he talked to her!!! :D :D :D I was trying SO hard not to laugh or make weird noises... it was hilarious. And when she saw my man later in the day she was like "I hope I didn't disturb you earlier..." and My Man was like "It was fine. You weren't bothering anything" **dying** it made both of our "things to do before we die" lists. ;-)

Thanks for being faithful friend y'all!! ***HUGS****


  1. Well I think submission and dominating looks a little different for every couple. I know it took me a while to really understand us, and how we work.
    Good job on your dieting, isn't it funny how your brain now says milkshake, but your body is like: No, I don't feel like it!

    1. Thank you, Julia!! :-)

      It is weird the things my mind and body will disagree on...and yet so often they are in perfect harmony. ;-)