Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fatty McFatpants...

So, we did the phase 1 of the South Beach diet and I didn't lose a single pound... **grrr* and now I am just hungry ALL THE TIME!! We added back in some "good carbs", but I am trying to eat less "junk" (like turkey dogs :)) and I jut feel grumpy all the time. I thought it was PMS, but PMS doesn't last for 2.5 I had some signs of ovulation, sooo... whatever.

I saw this pic on FB this morning and decided to do a post on why it's better that there is more of me to love. ;-)

Ok, I cant find what I need, so I'll just post "fat amy" because she is awesome :D


  1. Well, just from personal experience, I can tell you that changing your lifestyle in general, adding a little exercising while mostly staying good eating wise, will result in you losing healthy weight.
    I started running three times a week for a few minutes in Sep. Now I can run 1.5 miles and I know I have lost weight, I just never get onto a scale...

  2. The PMS thing sounds like you are having sugar withdrawal. Try eating low fat and low sugar yoghurt or fresh fruit to fill up on.