Monday, March 4, 2013

Ouch ins't a safe word ;-)

(PREFACE: I am not at all upset with My Man, I don't "blame" him - stuff happens :))

We had our first "boo boo" tonight..

So, I invited my 14 year old sister over for the week without asking My Man. I have a habit of doing this. It just doesn't cross my mind to ask if he is okay with it. So, after I told him I said "I should have asked you. I am sorry." and he said "Yes, you should have. I should spank you." "REALLY?" I was rather shocked. He explained it wasn't going to be punishment as much as "maintenance" since it didn't even cross my mind he wants to bring things to forefront of my mind. ;-)

So, we went to the gym, came home, put away groceries, and then I presented myself to him. Overall it was fine, but he kept hitting my thighs and it would HURT, so I would move a lot. And then he'd stop and smack my foot or calf that was blocking. After a bit he looked at my face (I was bored at that point, this was before it started hurting :-p) and he said "Not satisfied" and started using a hairbrush. (Just a little plastic brush) Well, it started hurting more and I started moving more, and he smacked my calf with the hair brush.

Once we were done I realized that my calf was REALLY hurting, and I kept saying "Honey it REALLY hurts" and he (thinking I was just whining) basically said "It's a spanking it's supposed to hurt" ;-)

Well about 10 minutes passed and then I realized that I was having trouble standing on it and walking on it...

We used our new "arnica" and I iced it. The bruise itself is only like the width and length of 3/4 of my pointer finger, but the calf muscle itself hurts SO much and everytime I step or walk I feel like it's gonna give out...kinda like when you get a cramp or a charlie horse in your shin only in my calf?




  1. Owww... sorry. I think maybe your calf is NOT for spanking.

    1. lol, ya think? ;-)

      I was squirming and kicking like crazy and he was just following the "strike the offensive limb" mindset, but it still hurts this morning. :-p

      He blames it on me walking a 20 minute mile at the gym yesterday, but I still don't buy that. ;-)

  2. He'll need to be more careful and adjust his "mind set"!

  3. I hope it's feeling better now!