Wednesday, August 15, 2012

By Orders of My Strong Amazing HubbyDom ;-)

So, My Man came home tonight and fulfilled my wildest dreams for the night. :D

And afterwards he said "I better see on your blog tonight about your amazing Dom." So... here it is :D

He came home and told me I was in trouble. I expected spankings, so I was like "Yay!" He asked me to come over and sit on his lap by the computer and showed me some comments I made today on FetLife that were "disrespectful". I put them in quotations not because his viewing them as disrespect is invalid, but more that when I made them I didn't intend them to disrespect him. (He described me at his submissive wife, and I replied "HA! Me? Submissive??") He explained that when he makes a statement about me it's disrespect to contradict him like that, especially in a public forum where all of our kinky friends can see. He changed my status to basically say "His Young Lady is grounded from Fetlife for the next day. Thanks - her Dom" and then changed my password, so I cannot get on there until after he gets home from work tomorrow.

Then he took me back to our bedroom and had me strip. He made me lie diagonal across our king size bed and bound my wrists to one corner and put gaff tape around my ankles, and then basically say on my feet the whole time. He started with his hand "warming me up" *I am near my period or ovulation or something because the past week I have been SUPER tender, so where I normally laugh until there are bruises these days he taps me and I am like OW OW OW*, then proceeded to use a belt from my calves up to my shoulders. He did a really good job of talking to me throughout and not making me feel alone. Then he used our "new toy" we picked it up for a dollar at the craft store. We call it our "glow in the dark flogger", but it's technical term is "Glowstick Spray Wand" 

It was aaaaaaaawesome!! He had to hold it a certain way, so there were individual pieces hitting instead of a solid "thump", but he did it perfectly and it hurt, but didn't make me feel like I was going to die. (because he didn't do it too hard :))

There are no pics of my back/legs/butt because after spanking me we had amazing sex and then he buzzed me and gave me an immediate and pretty intense orgasm. I cried from the orgasm. :D Then he used the glowstick flogger to hit my nipples and pussy. It felt SO good!! Then I got to fuck him and give him a great orgasm. It was wonderful and amazing and makes me feel super subby and wanting to be super good. YAY!! :D

UPDATED 9:15pm - There are marks now. Maybe I am a pain slutt... or just have zero self control. I liked it though... does that make me a pain slut?


  1. Sounds like he really made an impact ( pun intended)! Glad you go what you needed.

  2. Haha - thanks! :) I did... I am greedy though and always wants more more more more more! I am excited for the day when we have a scene so intense that after I feel satiated. :)