Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I am eating dinner tonight with a lady we met when we went to the club so many weeks ago. She and her husband have been married and "in the scene" for quite sometime, so she offered to get together tonight and talk/listen. I am so excited!!!!

My Man wants me to clean before I go... I am sooooo not in the mood, but it could happen... ;-)

Funny story -

A few days ago I knelt down beside him and put my head on his knee "Hubby, are you my sugar daddy?", "Umm... what is cheaper than sugar?", "Ramen?", "Ok, yeah, I'll be your ramen daddy"
*laugh* I guess times are tough. ;-)

I wish I knew a way to get more comments on this blog - if it didn't show me how "views" each entry had I would think no one ever reads and I am talking to myself! I guess I need to be more interesting? :-p


  1. Ok so if you want cOmmenta you need to be open for a dialogue.

    Do you respond to comments? Do you even want to listen to what people have to say? It doesn't come across in your writing . You come across as whining and petulant and not open for conversation . People want a little more depth- or at least I do.

    Are you out commenting in other's blogs? Start a conversation and interact- your comments will come.

  2. Wow, MSB, you definitely come out roaring. :-) I do not mind dialogue at all, and because I have not had a lot of comments lately I am going to respond to you with the respect and care that I would love to be extended. :-)

    I have always responded to comments that I have received on here, at least as far as I can tell I have. If you have talked to me and I have not responded I am sorry - it was not intentional. :)

    I do write on other people's blogs. I have about 4 blogs I read every day and I try to reply on each new post they make. Because of how my blog is set up (with an email address and identity separate from the one I use IRL)it is very difficult to "follow" blogs unless I physically click on them each day, so sometimes I go a week or so without reading and I just reply to the most recent topic, but I try to be a good blog reader and enter into the conversations. :)

    I am sorry you find my writing style "whiney and petulant". I am hesitant to delve into deeper topics because I am not sure where I stand on a lot of things right now. I am looking for mentors and help - I don't have the answers. We aren't even sure what to classify ourselves as right now. We are a mix of Dom/sub, DD, BDSM, and Biblical Christian Marriage. :D

  3. I would have to agree with MSB.
    You sound like a spoiled teenager who is just playing around with the quarterback's attention and hope he sees you so you can have sex with...

    Than backing it up with sorry excuses that even the worst mother would not buy! Have a different profile to comment? Why? Your profile should link back to your blog.

    Get a Gmail account and use that. Follow other blogs and social sites with that profile. Use RSS feeds or have the links here on your blog. One click and you are on the other sites, already logged in.

    Writing is great therapy and helps clear the mind. The more you write, the more you will see your thoughts and get a clear vision for yourself. The more you write, the better you get and the more you will develop your own voice and style.

  4. Umm... Wow TVD - I am not sure what you were reading, but I didn't say anything about having a different profile to comment. I comment using this identity SO it will feed back to my blog. :)

    I have my personal email address and then I have my email address that is associated with all BDSM activity, including Fetlife. :) My comments DO connect back to my blog, the problem is that in order to follow blogs it keeps asking me for my google+ info and it was not easy to set up. Currently I just open every blog I want to keep updated on and hit refresh several times a day. :) Some people's blogs I was able to follow, but others my computer has issues. I am not sure why.

    As for a spoiled teen... to each their own. :-) I have a very bratty side that is a part of me and that My Man and I enjoy playing with. We are learning the boundaries and balances, but it's there. We do not ever plan for spanking or him punishing me to be a serious thing. Like, there are times when he uses the authority I have given him to help me to get a grip, but as far as "He is my husband and has the right to punish me as his wife for legitimate sins." We don't hold to that. :) It's kind of hard to explain. I am trying to be clear when I am being serious and when I am letting my bratty side show though. :)