Monday, August 13, 2012

Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY! :)

My Man took me to the zoo today - SO FUN!!!

We got to ride the metro, which is a rare treat as he greatly prefers driving to metroing. :)

My Man was very upbeat and peppy all day while I was kinda "blaaah". I don't know what has been wrong with me recently - I cannot tell if it is PMS or something else, but I have been sooooo down and depressed. Even going with him and doing something special and being out in the sunshine I just felt "down". We did have a good time though - we saw almost everything there was to see.

Highlight of the trip for me was getting spanked. *grin* We stepped off onto a path where no one else was in the trees, he made me lift up my shorts, so he could get to my thigh and he had "just happened" to bring a new little implement. I felt very loved... *grin*

After that we went out to dinner at a place we had never been before- we split steak and rice and chicken and fries, and then we got my first ever frozen strawberry margarita!! It was so fun!! :)

I love being married to a man who loves me even when I am grumpy and gloomy. He is my fave and I cannot imagine being married to anyone else being nearly as amazing!! :)

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