Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Last Night

Dinner last night went so so well!! It was SUCH a relief to be able to sit and talk with someone and not have to feel like I have to hide my thoughts, emotions, what we are going through, and even more to get advice from someone who has walked a similar path in many ways. It was great, we talked for like 5.5 hours and I had a blast! :)

She basically looked me in the eyes and told me I am brat and self-centered. :-p Normally that would really offend me, but for some reason it didn't. Probably because A: I know it's true and B: I didn't feel like she was saying it in a "You are a horrible person" way, but more like "Ok, now that you know this what are you going to do about it?" :)

She gave me some really great feedback and some good ideas and motivations.

Yay!! :)

I have been bratty in a non-depressed way all day and My Man SAYS he is going to cover me in stripes... I have my doubts, but we shall see. Maybe I can convince him to take pictures. ;-)


  1. So what are you going to change? What did she suggest?

    I'm glad you had a good time but... It doesn't look like you took what she had to say to heart of you are
    Still acting like a brat.

  2. Haha - I don't think she meant brat in an entirely negative way. :) It's ALSO a..."term"? Like Top/Bottom Dom/Sub...There is a super fine line between being a brat at times who likes "funishment" and being legitimately disrespectful to My Man. The second is entirely unacceptable and is something I am trying to figure out how to change in how I relate to him. I am not very respectful or honoring to him with my words very much these days.

    I will give her feedback soon. :D