Sunday, August 12, 2012

Why "My Man"?

When I started reading blogs in this arena a few months ago I noticed that lot of people did the M/s D/s thing where the top was Capital and the bottom was lowercase. Or when speaking about the Dominate it was always "He/Him". I didn't feel right not capitalizing myself (like my I's) and I only use capital H for God. (Like if it's at the beginning of a sentence He is capitalized, but if it's like "I went to the store for His burritoes." unless He is God, it's a small h. :)) But. I wanted a respectful way of honoring my husband in these blog posts, I also wanted an anonymous thing going on. As much as I'd like to share my deepest darkest kink with the whole world and *I* am not ashamed there are people in my life who could/would google this stuff and it would be a mess. :)

So, My Man seemed like a good way to do it.

Funny side story - in other areas of my life I have started writing "My Man" as well when referring to my husband, and Sissy noticed this and was teasing me. She said she is going to start calling him "My Man" and I said she cannot because he is MY man not hers... so we decided on Her Man which led to Herman and some very funny Magic School Bus quotes... (Did anyone watch Magic School bus when they had the frogs "Bella" "Heeeeeerman" "Bella!" "Heeeeeeerman" :))

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