Saturday, January 19, 2013

Date Day Update

So, we went. We had a good time overall. We saw Gangster Squad which was VERY good!! We ate dinner at a place that supposedly has epic Prime Rib, but they were out. *boohoo*

I was dragged through the mall by my hair and then soundly spanked in a family restroom...and im not even gonna pretend i didnt love it and didnt deserve it. ;-) the poor family who kept banging on the door tho. ;-)

I gave My Man a blow job in a different family restroom to try to dissuade him from "striping" me when we got home. i succeeded. And I am not going to even try to pretend HE didn't love every second of it. ;-)

I think my period MUST be coming 'cause I am so freakin' hormonal.

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