Friday, January 4, 2013

To tell or not to tell...

Alright... here is a question for the masses - Do you have people in real life who know your "kinkier side"?? Even if kinky just means TTWD? :)

My sister knows pretty much everything, my mom knows most of it... My Man and I are becoming closer friends with a couple in our church who seem very similar to us in many ways. She is the only other person I know in real life who uses phrases like "I am not allowed to" "He makes me" "I just listen to him and then everything's okay." My Man was commenting that when he is talking with the husband he speaks so lovingly and protectively of his wife. AND they are into the geeky stuff we are into (Munchkin, Firefly, etc) Win Win!! Because of our really BAD experience earlier in the year we are (understandably) nervous about sharing certain parts of our lives, but at the same time I HATE the feeling I have to hide stuff about my life because of what others might think. So, we are contemplating just telling them about how our marriage is structured and stuff. And we think they will be fine, and if they are not My Man says if TWO couples in the same church respond the same way then we might need a new church. :-p :-) (There is a HUGE difference between "That's weird." or even "You people are weird" and "THATS WRONG! THATS SIN! EWW GROSS" :-p :-)

what do y'all think? How do you handle stuff??

FYI - My sis makes fun of me all of the time because I say stuff like "My Man won't let me" or "I need to ask if that's ok.", but she made fun before she ever knew the "kinkier" stuff, so yeah... I run into it even when I am not sharing. The nice thing about this couple is when I say stuff like that they nod and seem to agree. :)


  1. Here's the thing: Yes, I have people in real life who know.

    But - they are people who were in my life for a long time before they knew, or people who knew before they were in my life (like people I met via my blog).

    The people who had been in my life already? Have varying reactions - from "yeah, not surprised," to "whoa, you're which side of the kinky?"

    But never "BAD BAD WRONG."

    My aunt knows I'm kinky - and that's the extent of her knowledge - but, turns out she's kinky too. Huh. :)

    1. That's reassuring, and the aunt thing made me laugh! :)

  2. Sheesh. Only my gay frend knows the whole truth. But i trust him w my life!

    My ex gf knows a bit but not the details.

    1. I don't know why but the gay friend thing made us laugh. :)

      We ended up not really telling them...

  3. My best friend knows more than anyone else, but still not everything. Shes about the only one.