Saturday, January 19, 2013

Date Day...

Because I am such an amazing wife, exceptional subby, and just a good girl overall we are having a multi-layer date day. (the various spankings I got today for gems such as "fuck off" "No, I'm not gonna clean the kitchen" and running away when he says "come here" are totally to be forgotten ;-)) (this multi-layer date day may have something to do with my gracious amazing loving hubby and me trying VERY hard to suck him off which ended in deep sex for him :))

We are going to Wendy's (with the money I earned from giving him a BJ ;-)), then the gym, then, the movies and dinner. I am hoping we might go somewhere else too.

I (totallyandcompletelydidNOT) cleaned the kitchen all the way, gave him a decent blowjob, and was a (horrible, defiant and not at ALL) good girl all day, and now we are going out! YAY!! Rewards! ;-) ;-)

Favorite quote from the day:

My Man: Look how happy Junior is too see you.

Me: It's only because he likes to see me in pain. You beat me and now he is excited.

My Man: *after a moment of reflection* This is true...maybe you should give him other reasons to be excited so he doesn't need you in pain to get excited.

After that was the ALMOST complete blowjob.

I am also wearing Ben-Wa balls... SO WEIRD!


  1. She is in the kitchen cleaning now...

    (and I sometime think our adventures are much funnier when I read her descriptions :)

    1. in the kitchen begudgingly and under duress. :-p

      love you, hubby. ;)