Saturday, January 19, 2013

Update and big shout out to Mrs. D!!!

First, thank you Mrs. D for your kind, but firm words last night!! You are right that there are many helpful things I can do in those moments, but that hurting myself is never a viable option. Thank you so so much for caring and for speaking the truth!! When My Man read what you wrote he was like "She is totally right you know?? And I like what she said!" :)

Secondly, My Man did good. ;-) He was patient in the sense that he understood that I couldn't control my feelings, but he was also firm and steady in the midst of my emotional storm. He didn't change the rules just because I was having a bad attitude. "Fuck You" Still was dealt with in the same, painful, manner. And after a certain point he just looked at me and said "I understand you're having a hard time, but you're really pushing it. This bad attitude has gotten too far and you need to get a grip," (I am paraphrasing)

And lastly, I ate. I know that's horrible, I am supposed to be dieting and trying to get skinny, but I ate and it was like a 15 minute WHOOSH change. Between My Man's firmness and the food in my belly I felt 1,000,000x better. I wasn't dangerously low or anything, but I went from 1500 to eating potatoes with cheese (MMMMM) and saw a dramatic increase in my "happy feelings". *sigh* My body just loves food. :-p

Love, Young Lady
PS. I think my period may be on it's way (I have PCOS so it is REALLY hard to tell) and I may have more freak out moments coming. :-p :-(

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  1. i'm so glad to hear you're feeling better today.Don't beat yourself up for falling off the "wagon", we all slip up. On that note , perhaps your blood sugar was low and that's part of the reason you felt better after eating. As I'm sure you know PCOS can affect your blood sugar and if you're trying to limit calories especially in the evening you can have a crash, which can cause you to feel angry and out of control. Perhaps a healthy evening snack would help? Sorry I'm back on my soapbox- I'll stepdown now. Glad your hubby was there for you and that you're doing better.