Friday, January 18, 2013

the orgasm(S!!!) that rocked the world

So, this week, and really the last few weeks, has been exhausting. My Man has needed to be at work super early (for us, he usually works 2 - 10 and he has been working at like 6, 7, 8am) and because we share a car and I nanny after school I've been having to drive him. He gets off work, I return the girls, and then he just falls into bed.

Well, today he doesn't have to work 'til 2, so last night he stayed up after he got home. He showered and I dropped this line of "After you get out, I'll get in while you eat dinner, so I can be clean and you can lick my vajayjay." Anyone who knows anything about my sexual side knows I HATE THIS IDEA!!! But for some reason I wanted it.

Only, then I epically failed. I got on the computer to start planning our trip for Sept and then stayed on the computer. I blamed it on the fact that he kept watching tv, but ultimately the fault lied with me since I was supposed to shower.

Eventually he turned off the tv and told me I'd "missed my chance". I quickly followed him telling him I didn't wanna miss my chance. I said some snarky things in there too, but overall I did follow him. :)

I had not showered, so I didn't want him "down there", but we did have pretty intense sex. And he did something very...right. He added just enough dominance to make me submit, but not so much that I shut down. I have a bad habit of when it is getting too intense for me to "push him out", and last night he basically laid down the law and told me if I pushed him out I'd get "swats"...I pushed him out 3 times and 3 times he rolled me over gave some firm smacks to my butt (well 2 times my butt 3rd time my thighs and then I stopped pushing him out ;-)) and then continued. He also made me verbalize "this. feels. good." "this. feels. good. Sir.", I hate the feelings I get during sex because they are intense and build, but don't go anywhere in that moment and are not fun or enjoyable in the moments. But they do feel "good". And then to top it all off when I legitimately said "This doesn't feel good anymore" he "finished" and it was really deep and really good.

Then he buzzed me. Oh. My. Goodness!!! WOW!!!! I had THREE ORGASMS IN ONE NIGHT!!! Like.... screaming at the top of my lungs I couldn't possible have screamed any louder, tears running down my face in such joy and pleasure. 2 in a row while he was buzzing. Then we snuggled and I said "I wanna try again." And he was like "Honey you'll just frustrate yourself", but I really felt like "I NEEDED TO!" So I did... and had another screaming orgasm. :D :D :D It was an amazing night, just typing this my vagina is tingling and clenching. :D

CONFESSION: At the point when I went "over" on the first orgasm I was thinking about my favorite singer and thinking through her worship songs... I guess my O was in worship to Jesus? ;-) (My Man wants me to be clear I did not think sexually about her it just "happened" to be what i was thinking of... I rarely think about sexual things when orgasming :))


  1. Love the buzzer! That thing is amaazzzinng!

    1. But only because my husband is so amazing. The times when I have tried to use it by myself it didnt have amazing results. I need him in order for it to be complete. :D

  2. First, what is the buzzer? Second, I'm wondering why you dislike that intense feeling during sex. I used to do that too, until I met Sir. I don't know if any of this will help, but for me I was afraid of completely letting go. I think to fully enjoy the intensity, you have to let go. And that means you may do things you might be ashamed of later (though there is no need to be). For example, when I really let go, I'll get lightheaded and louder and more vocal and...dirty lol. I didn't feel safe enough to let myself be that vulnerable with anyone else.

    I think part of it was also programming, by society. THIS surely isn't lady like. I'm not supposed to like it this much! I know better now. I hope you can learn to enjoy it :)

    1. My "BuzzBuzz" is my Hitachi Magic Wand *yummy*

      It's because A: It doesn't have a place in my mind. Like, there is nothing I can associate the feelings with other than "pain, annoying, overwhelming" and B: THEY DONT GO ANYWHERE!! Like, I HATED the vibrator for a long time, but once I started having orgasms (And I was a MEGA squirter, I'd soak through the towels, blanekts, mattress :) I have NO SHAME in this area :D) then it was worth it. I was able to see the feelings as good, but the feelings I get from sex or from him manually rubbing my clit are unpleasant and don't lead anywhere. They are intense, but never lead to orgasm?

      I am a VERY VERY loud and demonstrative orgasmer ;-)