Sunday, April 14, 2013

EPIC Day/Night

Wow, so much to say I am not sure where to start!! :-)

So, remember my post from 2 days ago about My Man "asking" me to do a chore or I'd be spanked?

I did it!! The kitchen was sparkling when he came home, but the rest of the house was so trashed. It had been for a long time. We both just had mental blocks about it AND he was working a lot. I mean like, can't walk without stepping on trash or dishes or clothes - REALLY bad!! So, My Man had asked me a week ago to invite our closest "couple friends" (a couple we love lots!) over for a game night, and I did. Well, the "night" was upon up and we basically had 6 hours to clean the house.

WE DID IT!!!! My Man is a trooper and amazing and pretty much worked non-stop... okay not NON stop... before we started I asked him to spank me to help me push through the day, and he did...and it was so good we ended up having AMAZING sex and then I had 2 orgasms with my "buzzbuzz", one of them with his finger inside of me and I orgasmed with tears and sobs and... it was pretty much EEEEEEPIIIIC!

So, it took us about 5 hours all told, but our house looks AMAZING!!!!

(I realized the couple needs names because they will come up sometimes on here... hmmm.... Mario and Peach because I cannot think of a good couple to portray them as and the girl is SO cute she makes me think of Toad from Mario, but I Don't wanna call her Toad. ;-))

Mario and Peach got here, and I was wearing my "big collar" and My Man was wearing his "Because I'm the Dom that's why" shirt (we both got teased, Mario said I'd been "let off the leash" to which my man replied, "I barely ever use one" ;-)) the guys played Lara Croft, we all ate dinner (they had pizza I had a french bread and turkey sandwich - mmmmmmmm), then we played "Munchkin Quest" EPIC game that took us like 3 hours - I WON!! ;-)

A few things happened that were funny, one was My Man did something in the game and thought he won and was like "Victory!", but... he actually lost, so we were teasing him. After the initial teasing it just because this thing where when someone would do something good or bad we'd do his little victory gesture, well after a few times he was like "No more Young Lady." With an evil grin. And a minute later Peach does the gesture and he twacks ME on the head! I was like "Hey! You misbehave and *I* get disciplined!!" Mario said "Peach, she is your whipping boy." It was hilarious.

 The major thing though was, during the game I prepared Strawberry Shortcake for everyone *except me I had rice cakes and GOUDA! Yummy!!!*, after a bit Mario asked for a second slice (I had said there was more if anyone wanted some) and I popped out "Well, I used up all of the cut up strawberries and I don't want to cut more, but if you want some I'll cut some more."  *face palm* I LEGIT did not mean to be that rude, it just popped out. Mario of course was like "It's ok" and Peach was like "I can cut them!", but My Man immediately stood up behind me and said "She would LOVE to fix you another slice, and thanks Peach, but she doesn't need any help. She is happy to do it!" OMG, I was mortified, a little pissed, and SO turned on!! *laughing* So, I stood in the kitchen making faces at My Man, but only Peach could see, and saying things like "I'm being SUBMISSIVE" and after I presented Mario a beautifully crafted dessert I took the "trash", the leaves and stuff, and poured them onto My Man's head. Oh it was ON!! *laughing* Peach immediately covered her eyes and said "I am NOT LOOKING!" My Man dragged me back into the kitchen (I was laughing and shrieking it was HILARIOUS!) and talked in a low voice to me, and basically told me he was gonna give me some swats, but if I did anything else was gonna switch me in front of them!! I was legit blushing. Oh my goodness... :) So, after we came back out we continued the game and there was much laughing and stuff.

Then, we watched the pilot to the anime Cowboy Bebop - it was okay, the fun part was being with M&P.

After they left My Man said I'd almost earned myself a spanking, but was gonna give me a reprieve, but... my tummy was churning and I felt like I needed the release, so he spanked me and THEN we had ANOTHER epic lovemaking session (I started these new meds to help my body ovulate, so maybe they are increasing my sex drive too?? :))... it was an amazing, wonderful, epic GREAT day!!!

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