Saturday, April 13, 2013

Free Book Giveaway!!!

My friend Dawn is an EPIC reader, she reads more book than anyone I know (and that is saying a lot 'cause I, and My Man, read a LOT :D) She has a great giveaway on her blog and it ends at 2am est!!! She doesn't have a lot of entries yet, so there is definitely a good chance you could win!!!\

She is also just really great at writing reviews, she has edited SO many great books and... she's just a great bookaholic!! :D


  1. Does she review spanking fiction?

    1. Not specifically, she isn't "into" spanking like I am, but she doesn't skip a book just 'cause it has it :-) She introduced me to Kristen Ashley who is one of the best indie romance authors I've read, but only one of her book had spanking, maybe 2, and it's pretty light ;-) But as far as hot dommy men who don't spank, she's pretty much there ;-)