Wednesday, April 17, 2013

You find Kindred Spirits in the weirdest places...

So, y'all know I was homeschooled, right? Well, I am part of an online forum (we used to call them message boards :)) where former homeschooled married ladies and moms can post and share different stuff together.

Yesterday, someone messaged me because of some of the stuff I had said and started asking me some questions... turns out she too is in a DD/TTWD marriage...and has never told anyone! *laughing* It's not something she researched and planned it just... happened because she married "one of those guys" ;-)

What a small world I live in. :)


  1. How cool was that! I wonder if she will start a blog. Will you share yours with her?

    I don't know many people who were home-schooled. It isn't common around here. It seems to have been good for you.


    1. I did share my blog with her! :) I don't think she has a blog. :)

      Homeschooling in and of itself is a great thing, I think. My parents did a crap job, and I think my siblings and I have suffered for it, BUT... I also have an amazing relationship with my siblings and I don't think we'd be as close if we hadn't been together 24/7 :)

      I plan to homeschool :)