Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Why do they always come in groups??

Why is it that I will go weeks with no spankings and then once I get one it seems like the next several days they just pile on??

Also, why is it that when I think I am "doing well" that seems to be when things I am not doing on purpose start happening?

I am very (very very very very very) scatterbrained. As I have said in the past I lose things ALL THE TIME! So, in order to keep me from losing things My Man has instituted a few rules. Mainly that I don't put keys, money, credit cards, etc in grocery bags. (I rarely have pockets and it's very convienent to drop them in a bag to take into the house.) I mean, really that is the main one. We have a place for the keys to go, we have a jar for money and cards... but the grocery bag thing has been a long time. Like... most of our marriage.

So, last night I went to the store, dropped it all on a bag, drove home, emptied out the bag, went on with my life. I took it all out - no harm no foul. (no trouble :)) Well, this morning when it came time to take My Man to work the car keys were NO WHERE! I remembered dropping them in the bag, but I had emptied out all of the bags. I checked EVERYWHERE! The trash, the bed, the couch, the bathroom, EVERYWHERE.

And then it hit me.

There was a bag I had thrown in the fridge. Another pet peeve of his is when I don't empty out the bags and just toss them in the fridge. Low and behold our keys had spent the night in the fridge.

Apparently the fact that we have gone through this so many times in the past means I don't get off easy. (He was late for work so we havent "dealt with it" yet.) And ALSO apparently the fact that I took the cards and money out of the other bag means the last spankings DID help me remember and it just hasn't sunk in QUITE far enough yet.


Oh, I figured out why I didn't catch them. Because when I dumped everything in the bag I was at the store. But, I needed the keys to drive home, so I dropped them in a different bag when I came home.

These seem to fit

and I saw this one in my search and it made me laugh :)


  1. YL...why don't you carry a bag, a pocket book, a purse...whatever you want to call it? I can't stand the ones that you have to sling on a shoulder or carry in your hand all the time. I get the ones with the super long straps and it can go across my body like a small messenger bag. LOL, I can imagine how many places my keys would end up if I tossed them in grocery bag. Bad news!

    1. Hi Susie!! Sorry I did not reply before, I totally thought I had. :-p

      My Man and I were laughing about your comment in the car yesterday, he said "She underestimates your ability to lost things." ;-) The wallet that had over $100 in it that I last at Christmas it was fairly large... like 3 fists large - GONE.

      I have owned MANY purses and most of them end up left at stores or something. The only thing I rarely lose is a backpack and even those eventually I misplace. :-p

      What is working right now is to leave my credit card and license in the glove compartment in the car, so they are always there when I need them. :-p :-)

  2. I have a solution you might try...a lanyard! When I was in grad school I got locked out of my office once and the guy in the office next door had to drive me to the person's house who had locked me out of the office in the first place to get her keys so I could open the office back up. The next day he had a stretchy lanyard for me that fit around my wrist so that even without pockets, I would have my keys easily accessible. What a guy (lol). The other type of lanyard is the kind you can hang around your neck. Do you think that might work?

    Good luck with finding a solution.

    1. Great's basically what we already do. We have a long chain that attaches to belt loops... I just hate it :-p

  3. Oh my gosh. Thank you SO MUCH for posting all those pictures. Especially the last one... I needed a good laugh this morning!

    1. It made me laugh pretty hard too!! :)