Sunday, April 7, 2013

We broke my butt...

He spanked it as hard as he could and it just doesn't hurt. Now my thighs still have a lot of sensation, but my butt is like leather. It's like I can feel that something is hitting it, but it doesn't feel like anything until it's super hard and even then it's more like a "kiss" with no sting.


Now, the "stripies" still get through, but they don't feel GOOD.

And I will say this... I am pretty much sopping wet. **halo**

But I still has the wickeds. :-p I don't have a submissive feeling in my body. I want it back.


  1. We tried again an hour later and for some reason then it really hurt?? who knows... but we used arnica and i at least feel like he did something this time ;-)

  2. Apparently my skin did not agree with my nerve endings... I have a lot of bruises - :-p :-)