Thursday, April 18, 2013

ways My Man is not an Alpha Male (but IS an amazing husband)

1. He shaves his balls for me. He knows it makes making love to him 100x easier, so he does it.

2. He shaves ME for himself, but that could be Alphay I dunno.

3. He takes care of me and cooks when I am sick.

4. He folds laundry. (and washes and dries)

5. He cleans the kitchen.

6. He always puts the toilet seat down.

7. He watches chick flicks with me.

8. He (sometimes, rarely, but sometimes) lets me drive even when he is in the car.

9. He lets me play with his belly fat. ;-) (rarely, but sometimes)

10. He is gentle, kind, sweet, amazing... not words I think of being associated with Alpha Males, but I think ARE important in HOHes :)

I love him. SOOOOOOOO much!!

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