Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Jumble of Updatedness...

Ok, so I have been sucking at writing new posts. I'm sorry I just... get into funks. :)

Here they are in no specific order

V-day -

The 13th was when we decided to go our going out and such. I had to watch the 2 girls after school, but I  convinced My Man to go with me and we took the girls to the mall. Their mom had sent me a link to free shrimp from Panda Express, so we each used one and My Man and the older girl ate it all. The younger girl and I have McDonalds. ;-)

After the girls left My Man took me to a Bar&Grill that has prime rib on special on Wed nights, and I had been asking for like a month. Turns out it was pretty nasty. :( But, we had a good time. He was stuffed from shrimp, so he just had a hot fudge sundae. :) Then we went to Spencer's and he got the nose rings and "crop" that I posted about before. Then, we saw Beautiful Creatures and I hated it because they took it SO far away from the book. (I am feeling dejavu like I posted this before?) I can't remember where in there it was, but we had sex earlier in the day before the mall and then we had sex in a mall bathroom. :D

On actual Valentine's Day we didn't do much of anything. I wrote him a long letter basically just writing various memories I have of him. We only have one car and I was using it, so I didn't get flowers or candy or a card, but he DID clean the kitchen up some. :D :D Actually now that I think of it... I brought home BBQ and we watched Pitch Perfect. LOVED IT! :D He wants me to watch The Breakfast Club now, so we might do that soon. :)

Serious Moment - Please pray for My Man's Grandfather. We just found out he has stage 3.9 cancer and it's really sad.

Funny moment - So a few days ago I was daydreaming or something while with the girls and the 10 year old looks at me and says "Get over here Young Lady!" and I stared at her and started laughing. "Why did you call me young lady??" her answer "It just fits you." :-p I asked if she has heard My Man call me that and she said no. :)

Today I am nervous because I have to go to a family "christmas" get together (we were all sick way back when) and My Man is working all day, so he won't be there. *sigh* I hate doing anything without him. But, I am going to church without him again tomorrow. I am also getting my baby sister who is turning 10 and she is going to spend 2 nights here. It's nice having homeschooled siblings, so they can be more flexible. :) I don't get along with her very well, so I really want to invest in her in this time. She is a really sweet kid, but talks a LOT and is kinda immature, so it can be hard to relate with her. She is a lot like me at that age, but I think I would have smacked me at that age. ;-) I bought her a cute dress at justice (this one I think - ) we are going to make cookie/brownie/cupcakes (I just made them for the first time and they are EPIC! :D), we're gonna watch movies, I think I am taking her and the 2 girls I watch to Chuck E Cheese, and basically I am just gonna try to make her feel special. I get along REALLY well with my 14 year old sister and have her over every couple of months for several nights, so I know baby sis feels left out. :-(

Well, I can't think of anything else. Sorry I am boring!

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  1. Not boring at all....I love Master's reaches an all the right...and wrong...places!
    hugs abby