Wednesday, February 6, 2013

We are getting soft in our old age(s)

So yesterday I saw a great deal on movie tickets! ($12 for 2, around here it's $12 for one) So, being the thrifty wifey that I am I bought 5 of them. Being the naughty wifey that I am I didn't ask so much as told him when I saw him that night. :) He told me I was bad and needed to be punished...and then let me off when I apologized. I think he could see the wisdom in my actions. ;-)

A question arose though... do you say you won't do it again when you know that you will? You don't plan to stop yourself in the future or you just know yourself and you know that you will transgress in that same area again? He expects "I won't do that again" as part of the apology and I can't do it. Because I know I WILL do it again. When we have children I don't expect that to be part of their apology because to me that is asking them to lie or to make a promise they cannot keep.

I find ways "around" it that are fairly acceptable with him

I will try not to do it again

I shouldn't do that again

It would be wrong for me to do that again

But, I see no reason to say "I WONT" when I am 100% sure that I WILL! ;-)

I was searching for pictures to go with this entry and came across this hilarious one that has nothing to do with this entry ;-)



  1. it sounds like the better solution is to talk about why something shouldn't be done and you need to think about how he can help you NOT do it again, rather than get around the "promise" not to, by saying those things that'll let you off the hook on a technicality. that's being intentionally deceitful!! Tsk.. hehe but i also know that's your way... and i bet he knows it too.

    1. It is not my way to be deceitful. :(

      And we had a lot of conversations about it today. I am realizing that I hate this not being in control thing, and I guess I am being passive aggressive and saying "yes sir" and just doing things my own way because i don't want to live like this and i don't know how to express myself.

  2. Well finally came up on my feed. :)

    Fondles is right and it sounds like you had the right discussion. Figuring out what is going on underneath the surface is freaking hard sometimes. I know it. Then making the decision to honestly not do it again is even harder, especially when tempted.

    You can do it!