Friday, February 22, 2013

Oh. My. LANTA!

So, I had a very tired grumpy day.

There was no fighting or anything I was just blah and very tired.

So, when I picked My Man up from work I expected we'd have a blah night.

But, I could  be wrong.

He took me out to dinner and we talked. I mean like really talked about DD, and BDSM, and subs and slaves and... what we each want and what we feel like the other person wants and what we ACTUALLY want and... it was good.

When we got home he asked if I wanted to have sex, and I thought "Why not?" Well, somehow I let it slip "If we had D-rings here I could lay in the bed and have my wrists bound." (one of the thing that came up in our convo is that we haven't done ANYTHING "kinky" other than spankings in like 6 months) So he asked "Do you want to be bound?" I wanted to be like "If you want, I dont care", but instead I took a brave little breath and said "Yes." And it was SO weird, all he had done was clipped my wrists together and I started crying and kinda shaking. He was SOOOOO tender and loving and just so patient and just helped me work through it. He really listened when I talked... and he knows the way to my wicked heart he said "Try your hardest to stop me." I was like "But you'll hurt me if I hurt you." his response "If you hit me, I will hit you yes, but you won't be in trouble." And he allowed me to fight him a little so I could get comfortable with the restraints. Then he started buzzing me and put in our little butt plug.... I think I came 4 times?? **blush** After 2 I actually ASKED him "Sir, please roll me over and fuck me hard!" **halo* **mega blush**

It was REAL GOOD. :D :D :D: :D

Still don't know what real life will look like or if I actually have a submissive bone in my body, but I would totally have that kinda sex again ;-) I wanna work up to him being able to fuck me with his...cock in my ass. **GRIN**



  1. oh that was good wasn't it?

    yes, you should really just stop with the "whatever, i don't care" and actually say "yes" when he asks you if you want something that you do :)

    good on you girl!

    1. **blush** Yes, life DOES work out much better when I communicate. Although in trying to replicate it the last two nights I haven't really O'ed at all. Oh well. :-p

      How have you been?? Haven't talked to you in forever and a day!