Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Aversion Therapy

(I am still laughing a lot, so this post may be jumbled :))

Ok, so I was having a "poopy" morning. I don't really know why, but I just feel...naughty? Not angry or hormonal just like being obnoxious.

So, I was teasing and tormenting my poor man and I don't remember the action/taunt, but I said it as I was running towards the door and he took our new crop and hit me REALLY REALLY hard on the back on my lower thigh.

I immediately fell to the floor overwhelmed by how much it hurt. And then I started yelling. And kicking his laptop. And basically trying to get him to see how badly he had hurt me and how he should apologize ASAP.

He didn't.

So, I stormed out and wrote a post about it on a group I am part of...which I subsequently removed because it just sounded so whiny. :)

After I had calmed down a bit I went back to talk with him, fully expecting he would apologize at this point.

He didn't.

I started being more of a brat and he started using that heinous crop. His quote was "You NEED a spanking, but because your sister is here and we have to be quiet I'll just have to keep whipping you." :-p

So, my bottom really hurting I decided I'd had enough and I went to get dressed.

After getting dressed I wanted to look in the mirror, but he has the projector set up in our room and every time I try to look in the mirror I block his projector. So I was moving it and he was like "my eyes my eyes" as it reflected into his eyes.

**wickedness descends**

I told him we are now going to do aversion therapy.

"Are you ever going to spank me again?"

Yes. **light shines** Gaaaah!!

"And again, will you ever spank me again?"

Yeees... **light shines** Aaaah!!

"And once more, Will you EVER spank me again?"

**Light Shines** No, Yes, Uhh......

"Now I must test this new theory...." **find something small and throw it at him**

**half heartedly tosses it back** I can't see, I'm tired, I I I... I just can't deal with you right now.


I can can take your HOH's through my 5 minute plan for a low price of 19.95 plus airfare


Endnote: This "therapy" was done in good fun from both of us. I was not being a brat and he was playing along. :)

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