Sunday, February 10, 2013

Things that make me feel happy and loved

My Man could not make it to church today, and I get SO freaked out going alone, but some dear friends offered to let me sit with them and then go out to dinner with them after, so I made the trek. After getting there 3 different families offered to let me sit with them. My pastor and some other people made a point to tell me they were proud of me for coming alone and they were happy I was there. I got a lot of hugs. The husband of the couple I was sitting with (who awkwardly the wife had children's ministry, so I sat with the guy ;-)) paid for my dinner and made a point of waiting for me and walking to my car with me after because "I wouldn't be a good friend to "Your Man" if I didn't..." :) I mean his wife walked with me too ;-)

My Man and I are going out to dinner on Feb 13th, so we can beat the crowds and just snuggle on the 14th. We are also going to the opening night of the movie Beautiful Creatures. I am super excited! :) I am going to write My Man a V-day letter and I hope he gets me flowers at Trader Joe's (since he reads here I am can "hint hint" ;-))

One of the sisters I watch has a study date tomorrow, so I am taking the 6 year old to Chuck E Cheese's - I love that place!! :D

I had Chipotle AND Ihop today. Not good for the weight, but amazing for the emotions. ;-)

I had several people tell me that are praying for me. That just made me feel so loved and cared for and... important in their lives?

I am not going to hurt myself tonight. I am not going to cut all of my hair off. I am not going to binge *too badly*... these things are good and should make me happy. ;-)

Ok, on to my favorite part of blogging...

I wanna go to this restaurant

Now for a musical interlude

I miss Lucy... I used to watch everyday from like 7- 12... and the spanking eps were my FAVES!! I guess I started on my journey young ;-)

Too True... ;-)

sharing this one because it disturbed me ;-)


  1. ok that last one was soooo weird!

    I'm glad you had a good time at church!

    1. isn't it?? i watched a lotta that show and there was no hanky panky... or spanky ;-)

      thanks!! i was encouraged :)