Friday, February 8, 2013

I will surviiiiiiive :)

Today is almost as blech as yesterday emotionally, but it will get better. it always gets better.

I now only care for 2 girls instead of 4 and I think it will help a lot with my stress level.

I have the next 2 days off and on Monday the 2 girls I watch will probably be at a friends house, so I might get even more time off.

I am gonna be ok.

I don't FEEL like I'll be ok, but I know I will.

So I will try to smile by looking at kitties. ;-) (not to be confused with pussies)


  1. although you werent having a great day you had a very positive way of turning it around :) with jokes, and funny pictures with smart remarks as to how you are feeling/were does get better..

    Hugs Aluv

    1. **HUG*** back, thank you!!! Today I am doing lunch with a friend and feeling upbeat:)